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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Almost there !

Hi Everyone
Yesterday's planned creative element was the production of the grey beaded bracelet. I had to create surface texturing on some of the beads as well as apply a paint layer with polishing and sealing. I started with this collection of beads :

This bracelet will be formed on a simple elastic thread. I usually count 17 medium beads for this kind of design. I measure my beads as small, medium and large. These sizes come from the initial clay cut which I make with a range of little punch cutters. Here they are for reference.

I mostly use the medium cutter at the moment. Each little round cut is then formed into a bead shape. I will probably change the size when the next bead design comes to life. The beads for the grey bracelet fall into the medium range. I'm still classing the two larger beads as within the medium range. Having threaded the bracelet yesterday, I'm 2 or 3 short for my wrist. My solution was to make more and Ive made enough to produce another bracelet. The second bracelet will have a silver clasp but effectively will follow a similar design. Each bead has a slightly different surface pattern and Ive been experimenting as I go.

I will re thread the string when I have the remaining beads finished. The beads on the string show how they look when the layer of dark grey paint is added and each bead is polished/sealed. Although I didn't complete the project, I'm pleased with my progress and I will have a second bracelet today. Ive decided to repeat this approach for each jewellery design ie develop a design and make a second version following a similar design. Most of my jewellery pieces rely on a specific central bead design which is applied in a variety of ways to a specific piece of jewellery. I like the finished appearance of the grey bracelet beads - they have a bone or ivory look and feel. The subtle sheen and slightly worn surface is pleasing to me.

Other news - I also added a little to the Make Art Monday piece - called BEGIN this week. Just a few letters and mini flowers.

I want to overlay the painting with a range of transparent colours. I'm hoping this will create a sense of the scene 'under development' and hence the BEGIN theme on a few levels. Both the flora and growing thing as well as the actual art production.

Thanks for reading.