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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Something old and something new !

Hi Everyone
I had avery busy day yesterday doing family things and volunteer work. I didn't manage too much creative stuff. My Make Art Monday has been sorted in principal but not much further. I'm going to use the roses photo from yesterday and add paint to change the detail. I'm determined to get some spoons in somewhere too. I decided to redo the roses image and add some little extra bits. Here it is now :

I managed to make some ear wires for the tiny Gray Collection earrings. I'm quite pleased with the outcome. Here they are :

Today, I'd like to get some larger wires ready for the 'pod' style beads and start with the broaches. Let's see where I get to !

On another completely different subject. I saw an amazing print idea while browsing. The material used is called Inkodye.

Ive watched a brilliant Youtube video Watch showing how it's used or rather one way in which it can be used. The idea is basically printing onto fabric - to photo image standard using the sun to develop the image. It sound too good to be true but I'm convinced already. I love printing and messing about with images especially on fabric. I will definitely be giving this a go. It costs about £18 for a bottle of a single colour - as you can see from the photo there are quite a few colours. You need an image - the lumi people produce transparency sheets for the job £14 ish and a wash/seal product, another £7 ish. I'm wondering if I can use the transparency sheets I already have ? Anyway, the idea appeals enormously. I'm not sure how far each ink bottle goes ? I guess it depends on the size of the project. My initial idea would be something like a cushion or a summer skirt ?

Thanks for reading