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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

General Chat

Hi Everyone
My schedule is running late this morning .... and now the rest of the day !!!! I'm just getting down to write this at almost 5pm.
After a lovely long bank holiday weekend it's difficult to get back into the routine. Lots of little home/life tasks needing to be done today and lists to be sorted etc.

I'm hoping to get my Make Art Monday effort completed later - maybe ? Ive already started my painting - the word for this week is BEGIN. My inspiration comes from working in our garden over the weekend. It's not quite there yet but it's an idea.

The garden is featuring big in my life at the moment. We have a lovely, very small space but it needs TLC. I want it to be pretty and inviting so am investing some thinking time about how to develop the space. I like the idea of lounging on the decks with Iarge cushions and umbrella shade. I have thoughts of setting up my easel and painting. I wonder ? I can dream (weather permitting).

I failed to get my metalwork skills going last week so that's my goal for tomorrow. I'm also spending time on writing at the moment and it's great although I do miss fiddling with clay. I have a few little projects waiting for such moments. I also keep looking for inspiration everywhere - I have a number of summer outfits which need some jewellery. The thing I'm seeing all over the place is kumihimo style bracelets with sings big beads or rows of simple rings. Just my thing. These particular examples (below) are from a site called Favery which specialises on a wide range of jewellery sales and is great for ideas.

One idea Ive had is to create some large single beads like the mustard one pictured here :

I found these ideas on Polymerclaydaily - there are some free download patterns to create the pillow, hollow beads. I love the texture and the colour.

Thanks for reading.