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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Creative spaces in my day.

Hi Everyone
Yet again, my day is running away from me. Last night I met friends for a drink with a (partial) volunteer meet combined. Lovely chat and it's good to do something different. However, no stuff created !

This morning, I was up very early helping my husband get out to work very early. I feel Ive been up hours already - I'm shattered. While drinking my coffee, Ive come up with yet another new plan for working. I'm going to try and do one creative thing everyday. This could be a contribution to a project too. Ive been trying to be realistic about my workload for years and Ive finally come to the point where I am still overestimating how much I can do in a day. So, it's going to be ONE thing per day and we will see how that goes. I'm spending most of my time on my book so I have about an hour left - I think.

My Make Art Monday did happen, it's not finished but here it is so far :

I want to get some more pinks and greens into the painting as well as lots more detail but the framework is there. I'm counting this painting as yesterdays creative element.

Today, my creative element will be the grey bracelet Ive been talking about for ages. It's been on the lists for about 10 pages (of my work journal). While thinking about the design of the grey bracelet I came across an article on polymerclay daily about spacer beads. The general point was a dislike of conventional spacers beads. I also have a slight problem with lots of spacer beads and tend to shy away from using a regular small shaped bead often labelled a 'spacer bead'. Not sure why ? anyway, I was inspired by a solution suggested in the article. Here it is :

The idea could lend itself to lots of shapes and textures. Thank you Claire Maunsell for the inspiration. I'm working on some designs already.

Thanks for reading.