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Monday, 12 May 2014

Connections !

Hi Everyone
It's a bit dull here this morning, almost raining (it did rain quite a bit over the weekend too ! Despite the weather, I did spend quite a few hours in the garden over the weekend and have cleared along with help from everyone (in our little family) a major part of the mess. Lots more to go but we have a garden plan and it's possible to see what it will be. I want the whole thing to be simple in design and have fewer miss/matched styles going on. The space is very small and I have a view that we can make the space seem bigger if the lines are simple and we keep to 3 or 4 elements in our garden features. We have planned an extra deck and Ive got rid of the wild, cottage/wood/neglected look from much of the growing areas. When I have a larger space cleared, photos will record what we are trying to do. The garden will feature in my book and the deck will be part of a project so it's central to life at the moment.

I also managed to produce a few more grey beads to develop the Gray Collection.

Here are the new unfinished beads and the remaining stock. I will finish the new beads later and hopefully start the necklace experiments.

I'm not sure exactly what to use as a stringing material. I have some Gray suede and some leather stringing as well as wax cotton. I will try all three and see what turns out. I hope make up another bracelet with a silver clasp too. Ive seen some earrings on the TOAST site, which have inspired an idea. I love their stuff and am always inspired by what they do. Here are the earrings - these shapes fit my new spot beads. I will try and experiment with something similar.

I also love this collection of beads and their colours. Another TOAST thing. I like the combination of the shapes. I can see something similar in my collections.

On other matters, the new MAKE ART MONDAY word today is CONNECT. I have a plan and will hope to complete my weekly effort today. My plan comes from a very quick (I'm talking a one or two mins.) with some left over paint. Here it is at the moment.

I'm not sure how things will turn out but I'm excited to find out myself.

Bye for now.
Thanks for reading.