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Friday, 9 May 2014

The life of The Gray bracelet.

Hi Everyone
Another week gone by ! and Ive almost finished my much talked about Gray bracelet . Eventually, it turns out I haven't actually got enough beads for my second Gray bracelet ! (I talked about developing a second ,yesterday). Yet more beads required. This is not a problem as such but it's holding me up and must be the least efficient way of working ever ! Here is the almost finished item so far.

I like it and it's just what I wanted. Along with this bracelet Ive now decided I'd quite like a necklace and some earrings using similar bead designs. I'm going to try and estimate more accurately the number of beads I need. I'm not sure what's gone wrong on that front ? I particularly like the larger spot bead - here is a closer look.

I will make a few more of these larger beads to make the next few pieces. I haven't decided exactly on the design. I'd like something relaxed and informal - so I can wear it with lots of 'everyday' outfits. I need to do some research. These two ideas in the photo below appeal to me (at the moment). These ideas would allow the focus to be on the beads. I do like wearing necklaces but often reject wearing them because they get in the way of everyday life. I will need to bear this in mind when I design my own. I think it needs to be quite short. The fastening could be a lariat style or have a simple silver clasp which I can make to suit.

I found these ideas on Pinterest - my major source of research these days. I have lots more on my Pinterest Boards - go and take a look.

Have a great weekend. I'm not sure what plans we have ? I'd quite like to spend more time making our garden pretty. I guess it depends on good weather. It's certainly not looking good at the moment. I need a plan B.

Thanks for reading.