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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Talking Roses

Hi Everyone
Reassuringly - I'm back to my usual earlier blogging routine today. I feel secure with 'routine'. There's a whole new subject to consider ! I wonder what that says about me ! Let's move on ......
I found some inspiration (as I hoped from watching The Chelsea Flower Show last night) for the Make Art Monday activity. The rose section shown in the programme gave me some lovely ideas for a background. I saw some labels (reminded me of spoons) sticking out of wooden blocks, displayed amongst the roses which attracted me to 'spoons'. I love spoons and thought I could do something creative with roses and spoons.
Big pots of spoons and scattered roses ? - just a thought. Ive since been looking for images to inspire the look. I love this one :

Take a look at my Pinterest board with lots of other beautiful roses which have given me ideas. The weather is not as good as yesterday, bit disappointing ! However, working at the roses painting will lift my spirits.

Other news - I'm still stalling with the Gray Collection. The button earring has been polished but I failed to make the ear hooks for the other two earring styles. Indecision crept in ! I think Ive resolved the issues and I should be onto it today. Here is a quick view of the Gray Button Earring :

I'm also working on a range of photos for presenting the Gray Collection today. Maybe the roses may come in again ?

Thanks for reading.