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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

More new ideas.

Hi Everyone
The sun is shining again this morning - lovely.

My day yesterday was busy but I only managed to finish painting the new Gray beads. I wanted to polish and seal the new set but ran out of time. As usual my to do lists didn't quite get there ! I'm going to look at the current thinking about to do lists and come up with a more informed approach. I did finish the long awaited button collection display for a range of stud earrings.

I would have the detailed product photos etc. complete but Ive run out of butterfly backs. Ive ordered more but it's holding up matters - whatcha this space ...... I also added some extra paint to my MAM effort. It's a bit dark at the moment. Here it is :

Ive also been looking at beads that Ive made (and not quite finished) into wearable jewellery with a view to stocking up my shop. I'm concentrating on writing at the moment and Ive less time to devote to making completely new stuff. Here is my idea of the day - a new initiative to keep me making.

These beads are part of the 'glass range' - they have a summer feel and I would quite like them for myself !

This is a combination of a simple sterling silver wire and a metal earring (in two layered parts) Ive produced in the past. I like the idea and will go with it.

Thanks for reading.