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Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Clasp Debate

Hi Everyone
Unfortunately it's raining (light drizzle) this morning - and very dull. I'm always less inspired to get going when the weathers poor. I hear things will improve later. Fingers crossed !

Getting to the main project of this week ie The Gray Collection ... I didn't make much progress yesterday - not sure why ? I think I came to a point where decisions about stringing and clasps came into play. I'm now in a state of indecision. I need to face my fears !

My initial production plan for one of the necklaces, needed larger holes in a few beads. I didn't have the right size drill bit which didn't help my cause. I think, Ive made the holes too big - still unsure at this point ? I wanted to pass two strands of the the Gray suede material through a single, very small bead. I have done this but the hole is slightly too big and has become a simple adornment rather than a functional thing. I had thought the bead would allow the loop to be secured (with the help of a bit of cement glue). It seems, I still need a crimp of some sort to keep the attachment loop secure. It may turn out that a crimp will fit inside the enlarged hole ? I'm not sure.

If the solution works, Ive made a brilliant design decision if it doesn't - I need to turn a mistake into an opportunity ! I know for certain, I want to become skilled in stringing/beading techniques - this is my latest mission. I feel, I should be designing finishing techniques into the initial idea. Its important to me that I am able to decide what I want to have as the end product and not be limited by my own lack of skills. Stringing and adding clasps always causes me a few problems. It's definitely a weakness in my skill set. I'm fine with the elastic bracelet and have conquered that one - a story for another day. I did initially have issues with knotting elastic for a secure closure. I have a few different approaches to the elastic closures on bracelets and I do sometimes use the elastic stringing thread on necklace where I want a 'no clasp' option.

With each design project there is a slightly different solution. My inclination has been to avoid clasps all together in the past. I think I'm missing out on a design feature by doing this, hence, the Gray Collection is embracing 'the clasp'. With reference to adding a clasp to one of the necklaces, Ive decided I do prefer a simple and professional looking clasp. I have a couple of clasps here and prefer the style of 2 for the particular necklace I'm making.

The (2) clasp needs a space within the design to directly link to the string. Ive decided not to have an additional jump ring - this may change if I can't make this one work. The small ring space on the clasp may work but I think it could make the necklace lie at a strange angle on the neck. I think I need to tweak the shape. When I get it right, I will make a second and try out as a clasp.

Wish me luck !

Thanks for reading.