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Thursday, 3 July 2014

A Creative Opportunity !

Hi Everyone
Ive just a little progress on my new necklace beads to report. You may remember (from yesterday) I had reservations about whether to scrap my pre cooked beads and re shape and then I changed my mind. Things turned out OK-ish ! I like the colour - I'm definitely a 'blue' person.

This is the arrangement I had planned but there's a design issue with threading so I'm not sure how I can successfully thread them on this arrangement. I'm viewing this as a 'creative opportunity'.

This is the other batch of beads created for a stretchy bracelet. Ive made a little cross pattern on the larger beads and want to add a light paint layer to highlight the pattern. I did this with some earrings recently and they were very popular. I'm hoping the larger beads will form eventually form part of a bigger project.

This is the second bead shape with a threading arrangement built into the design. This particular bead was a very quick make and the results are a little sloppy. I did this to check the technique and will try to see if I can improve the quality with carving/sanding and polishing. I like the shape and it threads well alongside the round beads.
The next few photos highlight the problems with the design as it stands :

As you can see Ive joined two pieces of clay to make the threading space. I now think I should fold over a thinned top section to form the hole.

The join on the back of the bead is quite well embedded and with more work at the pre bake stage would be good. Ive decided I can make this element of the technique work.

The overall shape works well, not too bulky and forms a pleasing roll at the top - this lies well when the necklace is worn.

Ive started work on the left hand bead and will work on the others too. I like the slightly rounded edges. I'm still not sure about threading I may need to devise some form of threading which involves a stitch like technique ? Will work on it !

I didn't use my pasta machine to roll the clay prior to cutting the beads. This is a mistake for a quality finish and I always use the machine settings to give a standard thickness when making a flat item. This is a gently reminder to do this.

Thanks for reading.