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Friday, 25 July 2014

The Bird Cafe

Hi Everyone
What a lovely morning - clear blue sky's and a very light, warm breeze. Today on the Garden Tour, my photo is all about our bird feeding 'cafe' as we call it !

The Bird Cafe is in a lovely gladed spot - nestled in a couple of Eucalyptus trees. One tree has died and has no leaves but a lovely bark and serves to locate a great step for the birds. The second tree disguises the dead one with a big bush of leaves at the top and looks like a pretty umberella. We have chosen this little area so we can view all visitors from our kitchen or deck tables. Gradually, we have added little feeders and between the six different stations we do attract quite a range of birds. I enjoy watching them every day and find the garden comes alive when there's plenty food about. However, we have a family of Wood Pidgeons that manage to clear the food amazingly quickly - as soon as it's served !

Thanks for reading.