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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Are all beads blue ?

Hi Everyone
It's another lovely morning - bright, hot sunshine and a blue sky.

Ive lots of unfinished jobs going on at the moment but I did manage to distract myself by make a few new beads yesterday. I'm finding it impossible to keep disciplined and on the job list. Here is the new bead batch (as yet - uncooked. Surprise, surprise I'm using blue clay.

The idea for some of these beads is to make a necklace similar in design to this one :

This is a necklace from the TOAST online shop. I often shop on this site, I love the casual simplicity of their designs. The photos are always beautifully presented. The colours are my sort of thing too. I was attracted to this piece because of the combination of colours and shapes.
Ive tried a couple of design ideas for making the beads. My beads will be threaded onto a navy cotton string and will fasten with a single toggle bead. Having shaped my beads, I'm thinking of re doing them. I think a longer piece of clay folded at the top to give the threading space will work better. I want the smooth, rounded top finish. I also like the shiny, gloss finish - so against my normal approach I will gloss glaze the finished bead. I'm making a single colour as the prototype but am already liking the idea of a couple of other options. I want an orange and gray combination and possibly some greens ? I'll wait and see how things work out. I also have an idea to develop a bracelet design to compliment. I can see the bead design forming a whole new Collection.

Thanks for reading.