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Friday, 11 July 2014

Simple PC artwork

Hi Everyone
It's Friday again ...... another week flown by so quickly.

I'm involved in volunteer work today so not much time for work. I will make up some time later BUT when it comes to about 5pm on a Friday - it's a signal to down tools and begin winding down ! So we will see what happens.

My progress with the Thank You gift set has moved on.

I added several little extra details to the batch. The next few photos show some of the process.
These are the little die cuts that will act as labels and fastenings.

Please note - the colour of this blue envelope is a little 'off tone' - it's a sample prototype rather than the finished item and will not feature in the gift set or the book. For some reason this bothers me every time I see the photo ! I need to get out more ! or change the blue paper.

Ive wrapped the gifts in tissue and then into the spotty bags.

The gift wrap and card together are simple but pretty and hopefully will be well received.

Have a great weekend.
Thanks for reading.