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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I need another job description !

Hi Everyone
I had a very busy day finalising birthday cards and presents etc. yesterday. No time for me or work again, so I'm way behind my schedule for this week. I'm also busy most of today with volunteer work. Not sure when I will get my clay colours mixed - maybe this evening ?

In the meantime, I'm very excited about trying out another print. I mentioned using the little house image again. It's a constant thought running through my creative head and I used some little houses/huts in my birthday card idea. I will provide an image tomorrow (after the birthday). Until then, here is a new method (new for me) for constructing my envelopes. It's all about using washi tape. It's very quick and useful when there is a bulky item involved.

These tapes have been waiting for a project for some time. Just when I needed a quick idea - I saw these tapes. This is what I did :

I also used the tapes on the card itself - the envelopes is then connected and feels co ordinated immediately.

The new printing plates (unused and just purchased) look good and I have some ideas about extending the drying time of my paint (a problem last time) I'm going for a similar approach to the last one (read all about on 9/7/14 post) but I will try out some different texture plates - just experimenting. Will share my results when I have them.

I'm also working on some new ideas which link into the community project I spoke about yesterday. I need a couple of new designs using the button range of beads. Here are the beads as a reminder.

I'm talking about the beads themselves rather than the item which is a bracelet in this example. I need to come up with a broach and something else ? Not sure what the 'something else will be' at the moment. I'm thinking about working towards a pendant for a necklace,maybe ?
still unsure. I need to have a play.

I'm exhausted reading my list !!!

Thanks for reading.