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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Focus on Tube Beads

Hi Everyone
I'm mixing polymer clay colours this morning - my meetings lasted all day yesterday and there was no time for creating. Hope to come up with something new today - colour wise. I'm committed to the Tube style beads but want to work on lots of colours. Here are a few examples of the Tube bead ideas turned into necklaces :

I also want to have another go with my printing experiments. I have some new printing plates now and hope to develop another scene using my little houses image. I don't quite know what will happen. I'm going with whatever turns out. Here is a reminder of my little house image :

I hope to develop the idea but keep the shape. Again, I'm not sure how things will turn out. That's the point of my experiment. Last week I used my print for the Make Art Monday project. Sad news about The Project - the structured approach has gone and it's about members going it alone ! I'm committed to the idea now - so will go with it. My plan was always to have a dedicated page on my blog to share my weekly experiments. I need to push on with the page. I'm going to make this my Summer job ! I love doing this little exercise each week. It's a good discipline for me and Ive managed to make the time in my routine.

Some very exciting news - my meetings today came up with some exciting plans to run polymer clay workshops. I'm excited about the structure of working with a wider community of people from my town. The movement behind this new venture is building momentum and lots of people seem keen to get involved. I'm hoping to widen the scope of 'making' from scratch to include lots of mixed media projects. Will keep bringing news about this as it happens.

Thanks for reading.