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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Colours, cakes and scones

Hi Everyone
As predicted no work outcomes from yesterday to share. I did have a long list and it's all transferred to today's jobs. I need to make a birthday cake too. I have an idea of how the cake will look - but no doubt, the job will grow !!!! I will share the outcome tomorrow.

Other news - I delivered my Thank You gifts and cards today and everyone seemed very happy to receive them. The gift was a pair of Button earrings. There are lots of references on the blog over the last few weeks (if you need more on this).Before I left the building, all the earrings were being worn - the little gift provoked lots of smiles. I love this effect - so rewarding. I'm going to run some workshops to make these earrings in September and all the gift recipients immediately signed up. Here is a reminder of how they look.

One of the other jobs that didn't get done is new beads from the Tube Collection. Ive finally decided on my colour selection. I'm working on bright shades of the colours and want to mix each one. The colours will be orange, navy, green, yellow, purple, ivory, bright blue and red. I want to try and get some bead samples by the end of the week. I need these beads to be as perfect as possible and will try and find a way of ensuring their quality. I will need lots of practice.

Another project which didn't happen was my new print. I have the composition organised and the little houses image identified. Here is look at the house image. I will use these shapes or something similar but I want to create some deep texture on the paper. I have some plastic texture plates which I'm going to try out. The texture on these paper houses is created simply from the paper surface.

If I can get the textured houses ready for printing before the end of the day, I will be pleased.

This evening we are celebrating our family birthday with some close friends and I'm not totally convinced all the jobs will get a chance ? I live in hope !
I probably need to prioritise several times. I'm aiming to, at least, do a little bit of everything on the list.

One last thing for today. My little boy cooked some scones at school today, absolutely lovely. We ate the scones with cream and jam - fantastic. Here they are.

One of the scones was eaten yesterday morning (immediately it came out of the oven) - so we had to share !! Lovely all the same !

Thanks for reading.