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Monday, 7 July 2014

Thank You Gift Idea

Hi Everyone
Ive had a very quiet weekend. Bits of gardening, a little socialising and it's back to work. I do actually feel relaxed ! However, this week, I'm full of volunteer appointments and Im wondering how I can get my lists under control ?

Other news, in preparation for end of term Ive made some little Thank You gifts and cards (teaching staff at my kids school). Here's a peak of my samples. I will get some in my shops too. Ive got a range of colours to compliment some great little spot wrapping bags. I need to make some tags and a fastening for the bags and will try out a few options. I hope to finish the job later today.

Im also hoping to develop some new tube beads. These blue tube beads are the ones I'm going for.

I want some others colours - perhaps navy, orange and greens ? I want to match up some outfits to get the right colour tones. I need to make decisions later. These blue versions are great for me but I need to up the quality. I like lots of uneven and/or scratches etc - I like to see every bead is different. However, I think many people like a unified look, so will aim for this.

My final job of the day is to develop the alternative design for the beads I made last week.

I made this one in the initial batch but it's not quite what I'd intended - ita a bit rough round the edges - even for me ! I will make another attempt - for the necklace design that came for the flat beads. Here it is for reference :

I hope to use other colours and move away from blue (only temporary move).Will share my results when I have something.

Thanks for reading.