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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

More Printing Chat

Hi Everyone
My necklace plan from yesterday is still under development so not too much to report there. I should have something to share tomorrow. I had decided to re mould all the beads but have changed my mind again. I thought I would give these shapes a go first - having made them.

On other subjects which are very exciting - more printing ideas ! I came across a possible idea for helping develop my printing composition. It's something I looked at a while ago - something called a Gelli plate. Check it out. I hadn't quite understood the possibilities of this piece of equipment. There are lots of YouTube videos showing what this plate can do but essentially it's a printing plate which can be used with acrylic paint (Ive got lots of this). I could get going straight away without the modifications and additional equipment required for my printing press. I'm not sure if I should go for it - it's relatively expensive. However, it could be an investment item which would be economical long term if it's up to the job ! It's a bit of a gamble and I will only know if I go for it ! I will sleep on it.

Back to printing - here is a look at my second print from my course last week. This one is a little different.

I like the ideas and will try out a range of compositions and colours but keep the little houses and the detailed patterns. I see a story in this piece. I need to work on some different combinations.

Thanks for reading.