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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Making Cards and Gift Tags.

Hi Everyone
My day has started in an unusually leisurely way today, only one child at school and although this is a minor reduction in morning responsibilities there is a quiet calm about the place. The senior teenager is still sleeping (teacher strike at his school). I find myself wondering how I can arrange this everyday ! I can dream.

Back to reality and another busy day planned. I managed to keep on track yesterday and concentrated on a batch of Thank You cards and gift packaging. Here is a few photos showing my approach. I started by organising my artwork on a PC and printing. I'm making collections of a card, envelope, gift tag and a small, decorated paper sac. In this batch, Ive made eight collections. I used different colours and sizes of the same surface pattern in each collection.

I cut each item and folded to form the cards. This is a design Ive made a number of times so it's a straightforward process which I know works.

Having created the basic card, I decorated them with little die cut flowers and a greetings strap line on the left flap. Each card has a slightly different range of decorations. I also added a small image (as the front) on the back of the card. I like this idea and think it gives an added luxury feel to cards. The inside of the card is left blank to write my messages.

These are the gifts tags (minus their string). The image is the same as the card. I added little hole reinforcers and the little flowers to add another little luxury feel to the tag.

This is an example of the envelopes. I like to make envelopes. Ive used the same surface design and folded to fit.

I like to make big flaps on envelopes. This size took a single A4 sheet (trimmed border). Ive decided to make some special round closures for the envelopes and will use the same idea for the paper sacs - Ive yet to print these.

Generally, the job went well. Ive a little more work to do. The project will feature in my new book and I used this project to help document the process - hence the time it took. This project started out as a very simple plan. I often have a very simple plan but when it's underway - I change my ideas and before long the job is a much bigger one. Such as life ! I believe it's part of the design process. I really enjoyed doing this project. I found myself getting lost in my thoughts while fiddling with the tiny details ie flowers and strap lines etc. The little gifts will look great and I will finish the job today. I will share my efforts tomorrow.

I'm hoping this card design will be an easy idea for most people to try themselves. It lends itself to lots of situations and sizes can be changed very easily. My book will have a number of decoration ideas using the basic design for a range of card and tags.

Thanks for reading.