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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Does Navy count as 'blue' ?

Hi Everyone
It was a strange day yesterday, the weather was quite dramatic which made the atmosphere charged and dark. Quite unsettling but amazingly creative !
I had a difficult time completing my lists or rather 'trying' to complete.
The top of my list was experimenting with printing. This is my effort :

I gave myself an hour and stuck with it. I want to add a little more and will keep looking at it for a day or so. I'm using the exercise as my Make Art Monday piece for this week, so I have a few days left. The word this week is BEAUTY. My 'beauty' is that of the place and the feel of the place. I do like to add the weekly word to each piece and have printed some paper for my word - I will probably die cut the letters. I need to find a subtle way of incorporating words.

I wanted to try out my printing exercise with tools and materials that I had in my workroom and had to improvise a bit. My chosen paper was a very cheap and rather unstable blotting style stuff. The original pad of this paper came from a hotel room years ago. The pad was in the room for guests to write notes. It seems most unsuitable for most things but I like the flimsy quality and the uneven surface - I often overlook the paper for other projects and immediately knew this would be the one. I used acrylics and the combination with my paper proved quite a challenge.
However, I think it worked well and I had a great time. I really enjoyed trying to make the printing work. The acrylic paint tended to dry very quickly and next time I will try to incorporate something to give me a bit more time. Ive found some Golden Open Matt Medium in my stash and will give it a go. I need some printing plates too. I used a marble slab which I use for clay work. It was OK but because the paint dried very quickly the best painting was left on the marble. The only way I could get my technique to work with my paper was to add more paint than I wanted. I felt that I had no control at all. I like the idea of some surprise but I do feel I couldn't direct the work in any way. My result was a pleasant outcome. I used my little houses in this print and am going to keep going with the idea of the houses. I'm already planning the next experiment but will wait for some plates Ive ordered.

I didn't get the Thank You cards printed (second on the to do list) but all the art work is ready and waiting for the print - so almost achieved. This print job is my new priority job for today.

I will also prep some clay for the planned tube beads too. Navy will be the colour - I know Navy is blue again ..... in my defence this colour is essential for my wardrobe ! I will choose another colour one day !

Thanks for reading