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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

BOTANICAL Inspiration

Hi Everyone
It's another day today, weather wise ! I think the weather people call it 'overcast'. It's not cold but the air is very moist and it feels like rain coming. However, this maybe a blessing - I could get some chores done ! Ive had my one day of being very lazy and I do feel it's time to get things done.

My photo today is a little surface design I did yesterday.

The story here is about creating something which can be used as a background to advertise an creative workshop in September as well as packaging for jewellery. The theme of the work is BOTANICAL and will be central to a larger fund raising campaign. I see the painting as my starting point and hope to use it for developing lots of multi media art workshops. I will share the ideas and activities as they emerge.
I was inspired to create this simple painting yesterday while looking out at my own garden. I wonder if you can see connections ?

I know ....... some artistic license used here ! But if you look closely you can see the shapes - the mountain in my painting is symbolic, of course !

Thanks for reading.