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Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Vegetable Garden

Hi Everyone
Fantastic weather again today. I thought I would share little views of our garden for my photo today - Vegetable Garden Grand Tour ! Just to get things in context, we have a very small garden and even smaller veg garden but Ive managed to pack quite a bit in and it's a lovely space to spend time.
This year, my little veg patch area has a rotation of herbs and salad stuff with strawberries. I also have a greenhouse with tomatoes and cucumber. For the first time, Ive gone for a bush tomato plant and it's gone berserk ! The whole greenhouse has been taken over with jungle style branches and leaves. It looks great and smells amazing. As always - the toms will be ready when we are away on hols but our caretaker neighbour will get them. We do have a great looking cucumber. Hopefully, there will be some toms left when we get back.

Thanks for reading.