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Friday, 8 July 2016

Distraction Time

Hi Everyone
I'm distracted again ............. although, I've managed my work task list well all week - yesterday, was rather distracted by a couple of projects. I started with a quick half an hour knit. I'm always knitting something - this tends to be an evening type hour or so (while watching TV). My current project is a cotton yarn vest top. Not sure why ? But I got the knitting out - just to check where I was !! - fatal.

Another couple of evening sessions and I'm done. I like the simple drape of the yarn and it's going well.

However, I also started a little project which I couldn't put down - crochet baby converse shoes ! I had seen this idea on YouTube and immediately put it on my 'to do' list - several months ago. So, it's been on the list for quite some time. A moments distraction over lunch and I was hooked (literally). My afternoon was hijacked. The sample version needed several attempts and I'm not totally convinced it's neat enough (for me) but you get the idea. I've learned lots from making this sample? They are so cute and I have lots of new babies everywhere (several neighbours have new babies) and I (fortunately) know several very young children who I could gift a pair - every excuse to make lots more in a range of different colours. 


Have a great weekend.
Thanks for reading.