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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Knitting Socks

Hi Everyone 
It's that time again ........ we are off on the the first part of our annual Grand Tour. This year, we will split our travels between the begining and the end of the long school break. The first part of the Tour will be to Scotland. As usual, I will try and post a picture story each day but (as usual) we will be in a remote place and Internet connection often lets me down !!!
My first photo story is a making project for the Tour and it's a pair of socks. I always have socks on the go but this time, it's a new pattern and is a 'toe up' pattern. I need to practice the cast on technique (more) it's a bit tricky to get it to look neat. I've almost abandoned this pattern and returned to my trusted start at the top version but .... having slept on it, I'm going to give it more time !!


So far, I've done a knit sample to get the tension sorted and calculate the stitches etc. I make a 'made to measure' sock and may introduce an additional block colour for the toe part and a band around the top cuff. I fancy trying out a crochet scallop boarder on the cuff ? 

Thanks for reading.
Call in again.