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Friday, 15 July 2016

Mini Charms - update

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm sharing an update on the mini charms project - I've managed to complete a number of the charm ideas (shared earlier this week - read back for details) and have tried them out on my purse. I need to develop extra felted versions later today (2 or 3 ideas) and this will complete my little charm project. I'm not sure which charm I will use for my purse, yet ? All the charms are made for my own specific purse so all would be suitable in terms of colours. Here they are :


At the moment, my favourite is the tassel charm (top left) although I do like the little house too (top right).

Other news - I have a great, long list of projects 'under development' and want to spend some time looking at priorities and planning of work over the Summer break (end of next week). So, I'm going to try and plan that later today. We also have another series of workshops next Tuesday which will include the mini charm project and a crochet session. I'm hoping I can get some photos of the other purses made by our regular Tuesday Makers - I can share the great work produced next week. The crochet session will also give me some time to organise a number of ongoing crochet projects. Im exited about developing a dish cloth in cotton crochet !!! Please note - dish washing is not my thing. I just like the cloth pattern/colours.

Thanks for calling in.
Have a great weekend.