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Monday, 11 July 2016

Positively Distracted

Hi Everyone
I've struggled all weekend on various levels - moments of planning have been rejected and I've gone from project to project, dabbling with lots of new ideas and possibly wasting time !. It's also been a busy sport weekend and I've been distracted by tennis and football on both days. Today, it's time to get myself organised.
However, amongst the self indulgent activities, I came across a great little project which has got me interested in making beads from yarn. I've long been interested in knitted jewellery but haven't found (until now) anything which fits my brief. While Pinterest browsing (many hours lost on this) I found an image which I liked, it seems there is a whole book - and here it is with the knitted beads :


After spotting these knitted beads, I found a knitted, yarn necklace and spent some time adapting it to my liking. Here is the result :


I'm not there yet - I want a bit of bling on these 'beads'. At the moment, the 'beads' are not quite formed, there is a suggestion of a bead but I want to define the shape a little more. I'm thinking - adding more yarn in a little wound ball or felting a little ball shape etc. I'm also pondering how to fasten the necklace and possibly adding beads or buttons. My necklace sample is made in one piece, increasing and decreasing at intervals. The connecting part of the necklace is an 'i cord' technique.


Thanks for reading.