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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Making Workshop

Hi Everyone
Today, is the second workshop in the Felted Purse Project. Last time, we actually felted the main part of the purse. The purses have been shaped 'round' as they dried around a polystyrene ball.
 Today's workshop will plan how the purses are to be decorated and hopefully we can attach the purse frames. We probably need another session to finish them completely.


All our MAKERS will approach decoration in their own way - so we will have a wide range of very different purses.
I've made some more felted shapes (myself) which will get a little more decoration than my first purse, which takes a minimal approach. I intend to embroid and bead as I go - no plan as such !  I'm also going to develop some beaded charms to add to the little hook on the side of the frame. 


I'll share some examples from the workshop in tomorrow's blog.

Thanks for calling in today.