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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Mini Charms

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm focussing on making mini charms for the felted purse project (read back for more on this). There are so many ideas that it's taken me quite a while to narrow down my inspiration selection. I've put together a little board to inspire me to make my charms. I will adapt the colours and size of the sample ideas to match my own purse - a simple, practical design. I want to use the purse so my charm needs to be robust too. Here is a quick reminder of the purse :

I aim to use the inspiration board to direct my charm development  and will adapt each idea to compliment the purse. Hopefully, I will get a little charm from the exercise. Here is my inspiration board :


My favourite (at the moment) is the fish idea. However, I'm not sure it's right for this purse ? I think, the tassel idea will probably suit my design best ?After my making session, I should have 8 samples charms (of the right size) and be able to make a choice of which to use. I will share my results tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.