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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Poly Gems etc.

Hi Everyone
I had a busy day yesterday - 'out and about' and didn't get much time for production. However, I have a few little things to share. I'm currently making some slightly larger Converse baby shoes (read back for more on this project) and spent time developing the first stage. Here is an image of the idea -

The new pair will be pink ! I've made e first part of the sole and should finish them later today. It's a quick make and I need them quickly for a real gift !

I also have a bag of PolyGems - these are little polymer stones ready for developing into cabachons for mounting onto rings and other jewellery. I'm excited about developing this idea, it's been on my list for some time. Hopefully I may get a chance early next week to make a ring with one of these gems (the big one !)


My final item is a start on Vita - read back for more details on this project.

Vita will be similar to the green version of the doll. She is croched but will possibly have a fabric dress ? I'm also working on her face and have set some safety eyes into her very small head. I'm trying to develop an eyelid. The TILDA dolls tend to have tiny eyes and minimal features and I'd like to try and develop her features. This is an experiment and I'm not sure how this will work ? I love the long plait in the pink version in the photo and I will try to go for something similar.

Thanks for calling in today.