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Monday, 4 July 2016

More Felted Purses

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing the beginings of a few more felted purses today. The colours are rather muted because of my limited range of felting wool. I'm using a rather coarse but strong version and the resulting purse is a more substantial item. I need to develop some small grey buttons to add to my decoration but the purses are growing on me. I've got some ideas for embroidery and will try out extra beading. 


I quite like the idea of little French knots on the top left purse - to create flowers or grass heads ?
I also tried a few different felted flower ideas - not sure about the flowers but will try out some ideas when the frames are connected. I'm also thinking about creating some little beaded charms to add to the frame. The frames I'm using have a specific little space to add such a thing - perhaps, I can develop some beaded flowers ?


Thanks for reading. Call in each day this week to check out my progress.