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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

New dolls and purses

Hi Everyone
I was hoping to share some images of the decorated purses from yesterday's workshop (read back to yesterday's blog for details). However, I've not had time to get the photos sorted. The purses are a great success and some Makers managed to start sewing on their frames. All the purse are lovely and the embroidery ideas are making them very special. Well done to everyone. I'll spend some time managing the photos later today and share on here tomorrow.

I'm going to start a new doll today. Miss Mitchell is on hold for a short time. I'm going to crochet a TILDA style doll (usually a fabric design) - she will be known as VITA, the doll design reminds me of Vita Sackville West. 


I  thought I would like to develop this doll to try out a few more ideas before developing Miss Mitchell - it's important that she comes out as good as I can make her. I'm thinking, I can combine crochet, knitting and sewing to make Miss Mitchell. I learned quite a few things from making Lucy and I'm hoping Vita can also provide a similar learning experience.

Will share my progress with developments.

Thanks for reading.