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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Felted Purses - progress

Hi Everyone
I've finally managed to get a few photos (not sure why I couldn't get them off my phone yesterday ?) from the Felted Coin Purse workshop earlier this week, these photos give a flavour of the lovely work produced by our Makers.
Each Maker considered their own ideas for embroidery and beading before attaching the purse frame. Everyone collected a range of materials and started to embellish the basic purse. This turned into an experimental process and inspiration 'flowed'.



Many of the purses have an abstract, contemporary feel to the design and look great with contrasting threads and beads. As the the session moved on we saw some fantastic pieces emerge. 
We have one more session with this project and I'm confident the purses will be completed next time. The purse frames have a little space for adding a charm and Im working on some samples to inspire our Makers to complete their fabulous Coin Purses which will include a charm of their own.

Thanks for reading.