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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Another NEW toy.

Hi Everyone
I've another brand new toy to share today.

It's a drum carder - made (from scratch) by my very clever husband. It looks great and has blended a range of leftover fibres from a workshop (way back). The fibres were in a series of little bags with no particular purpose (at the bottom of my fibre bin). I simply blended them together and ended up with 30 gms of yarn.  After plying the single, I have 30m of yarn. It's not enough to make anything significant but I'm working on an idea to use the yarn as a design feature of a sweater, details will emerge in good time !
The blended yarn is beautiful- there's lots of yellow silk in the fibre and the resulting yarn is very smooth feels great) and a lovely colour. The general overal colour of the yarn is 'grey'' but with lots of depth. I'm thinking about spinning more wool fibres into a grey mix using some of the Corriedale and Blue Faced Leiceter ( BFL) in my stash. I'm hoping the resulting yarn will be a lovely range of varied grays. My plan is to have my silk blend creating interest in the planned sweater. Very exciting !

Here is the resulting yarn - named Slightly Broom (after the plant) in more detail :


Thanks for calling in today.