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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Every picture tells a story !

Hi Everyone
I've an update today on the Very Easy Poncho knitting project today.


This project has been going for quite a while. The story started here in late January with the spinning of some very special wool and was originally destined for another knitting project. A month later, at the end of March, I finally decided on the Very Easy Poncho as the knitting project (read more here). The pattern is as described a very easy knit BUT - there's loads of it. The knitting is stocking stitch - 62 ins to knit by 140 stitches on size 5mm needles. I've managed to get to just over 56 ins. - so not far to go ! When I've finished the main knit, I have an icord to develop to both the neck and the bottom of the poncho. 
My knitted fabric consists of my own spun yarn and some beautiful Indigo hand dyed yarn (by my lovely friend Lindsay aka The Boarder Tart). The two different yarns work well together. The resulting fabric has random stripes of each yarn, I just went with my instinct - on how the fabric looked at any given point - each stripe is a different size. The poncho is knitted across the body rather than top to bottom.
I'm so looking forward to finishing this project. I love the mix of the yarns and I especially love the almost tweed-like fabric produced from my own hand spun yarn - very satisfying. I'm also looking forward to wearing my poncho. The blog, of course, will be the first to show the finished article !!

Thanks for calling in today.