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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

FO's to celebrate

Hi Everyone
I've a couple of finished objects to share today. 


However, I'm not totally satisfied with my garments. The Nuuk is a great pattern and I love the colour and the design BUT, I think it's a bit big ! I chose the second size and tried it on several times during construction but it feels a bit loose around the middle. I've yet to try with a blouse or long sleeved tee (my favoured layered look) so I've not totally given up hope that all is well - but there is a question mark ! I really enjoyed knitting this sweater and am already thinking about another. I'd quite like a 3/4 sleeved version with contrasting rib bands in a bright blue and green. The more I think about various colour and little design alterations the more I'm inspired to knit more !
The other finished item is my Oh Shanti socks - these socks have been in and out a few times. The pattern combined with my usual tight knitting technique has needed to be resized at various points. One of the socks is still a bit tight on the 'instep' point. Sadly, I think it may need to come out again.
However, it's not a big job and I'd like to socks to be a good fit. I like the design and the stitch pattern is lovely. These socks have quite a short leg which I also like - not my usual sock design. The socks are very pretty and I love the colour. 
Generally, the knitting has gone well. I'm already lining up the next projects. I like a pair of socks on the go as well as something I call my 'main knit'. I'll let you know what's next tomorrow.

Thanks for calling in today.