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Friday, 26 May 2017

Crochet News

Hi Everyone
It's Friday so, I'm sharing my progress and my experience with the Hanabira crochet cardigan. I've already detailed this crochet project here on the blog - check out the details from the begining.
So far, I've started the top down design with the development of the neck, sleeve, front and back shaping. I'm happy with the stitch technique and the garment looks as if the shaping is going well. I'm familiar with this form of design in knitted garments so feel as if the shaping is good. I'm also happy with the yarn, I love the colour and the 'linen-like' texture. My photo is not quite showing the true vibrant yellow/ mustard colour -  it's very striking and I would love to have a cardigan in this colour.
However, I'm not entirely convinced the size is right ? I think the gauge is too tight. The resulting material is a little 'heavy'. To test the gauge, Ive gone up a hook size and the last row of my progress is the larger size hook. At the moment, there isn't too much difference to see. I did swatch for this project but I think, I should have made a much larger swatch.

The change to the larger hook maybe enough to correct the size and the feel of the fabric but I'm not hopeful. I'm thinking the unthinkable ! and almost wondering if I need to use another yarn ? 
My next move is to complete the next 10 rows to definitely understand the size I'm producing. I will then make a decision about the yarn and the hook size. I may need to start again on the larger hook OR use the yarn suggested in the pattern. I've already found somewhere to buy the yarn. The yarn I'm currently using was bought for another pattern (quite some time ago) but I am happy to use it for that pattern, another cardigan.
I'm taking all the positives from this project. I've definitely learned lots from starting the Hanabira, I'm still inspired by the design and am still determined I want to make a crochet garment. At the begining of this project, I new there would be challenges - both my inexperience with making crochet garments as well as not working with the yarn suggested in the pattern !
I've not quite managed a daily crochet session so progress has been quite slow - mainly because I'm not sure what I'm doing and each step takes so much time to understand. Being realistic, I think I will make more progress when I'm certain I'm on the right plan and in a regular habit.
I'll report back next Friday on the outcome of the gauge issue and what Indo next.

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.