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Friday, 5 May 2017

Very Easy Poncho - breaking news !

Hi Everyone
Great news - I've finished the majority of the knitting for my Very Easy Poncho - read back yesterday for more detail on this.


 I spent some time last night thinking about exactly how I would seam the long stocking stitch fabric to form the poncho. I did consider a few options, in the end I knitted the two ends together. I used the live stitches on my needle and knitted them into the cast on edge followed by a traditional stitch over cast off. The seam worked beautifully and it's a very neat finish (for me, the inside must look as good as the outside ! )
My next job was to start the icord edges. I've started with the bottom edge and read the suggested tutorial from the pattern ( before starting. I was quite confident that I understood how to make an icord edge (one of my recent shawl knits included and icord edge). The tutorial was a good reminder. I also looked up a great video (I used this with my previous icord experience) which explains how to create an attached icord edge - watch it here. I particularly like watching as well as reading about a technique. Often videos are the answer for me.
So far, my initial finishing is going well, there's a way to go but I'm back enjoying this project. I think, the long stocking stitch element got a little tedious and I lost a bit of enthusiasm but I've certainly enjoyed this last bit. 
My handspun yarn has knitted up better than expected and the garment is looking good so far.  Hopefully, I will have it finished in the next day or so. It's such a good feeling when a project goes well. I'm not exactly sure how the fit of the poncho will work. I need to develop the top shoulder part. I am hopeful final shaping will happen with blocking.

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend - I'll be back next week.