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Monday, 8 May 2017

Crochet News

Hi Everyone
Great excitement for me at the moment. I've a new project planned, this time it's crochet ! - and it's a cardigan. This is a major challenge for me. The pattern is a lovely cardigan from the Spring edition of pompom.


I saw this pattern (Hanabira) a while back but was inspired to make a croched garment by a fabulous example of a croched cardigan made by one of my knitting group friends. The Hanabira had stuck in my mind as something I particularly liked and I wondered (for a week or so) if I could make it ? I don't feel equipped (at the moment) to crochet the cardigan but I'm determined to have a go. I have a couple of friends who I may need to call on (they know who they are).

To start or rather re start my crochet practice (I would call myself a 'lapsed crochet person') I made a new dish cloth last night. I currently have a lovely waffle stitch crochet dishcloth in use (made by me) and do need another, so I thought I would make a new one. Bad news ! I couldn't remember how to do the stitch and I needed to revise my all crochet skills. I always forget what crochet stitches are called and get messed up with British or American stitch names for the same stitch. This doesn't sound like good news at this stage ! However, all will be well when I get into the pattern. I've read through the detail a few times and it doesn't seem too complicated - famous last words ! The pattern is a top down pattern with raglan style sleeves - no need for many stitched seams. I will use a mustard cotton yarn for my main colour and am planning to spin some grey linen/wool yarn for the White part. I need another colour for the flowers (in pink on the photo) - I'm not sure what I will go for ? - possibly a lighter grey shade ? I need to keep thinking about this decision.
I feel quite 'overwhelmed' just thinking about this project; however, I'm quite excited at the same time. 

Thanks for calling in today.