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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Crochet Further Training

Hi Everyone
If you called in last week, you will know that I've started a big crochet project. Check out the details here. In order to prepare myself for the project, I've been practicing all the individual crochet stitches required in the pattern. I'm OK with very basic crochet but making a crochet garment is something else ! However, I'm quiet determined - somehow, I will make this happen.
I've created a few little swatches using each of the stitches used in the pattern and using the main yarn I've chosen. This particular yarn is a linen/wool mix in a lovely bright colour. This yarn is a light sport weight. I will also use a grey colour and a navy for some detail on the sleeve and bottom
On the whole, there are only a few different stitches used -  the main stitch pattern is single crochet lines either through the front or back loop. This stitch produces a pretty texture and quite a solid fabric. The pattern is a top down cardigan, so starts at the neck and divides for the sleeves, very much like a top down knit (which I've had some experience with). 


The sleeves and bottom of the cardigan have a more elaborate section witch require relatively large croched flowers within a border. This is the detail area where I'll use the grey and navy. Check out the link (above) for an image.


So far, I'm happy with how things are turning out. I think, I'm ready to start the cardigan and have decided to try and break down the project into very small parts. I want to try and complete a small section EACH day. My first job will be to chain for the neck. I'm hoping, that if I can focus on a very small section of the garment, I will be able to learn and understand the process more effectively. If I can manage a short daily crochet session - I will (somehow) see the task as not so daunting !
I hope to report on my progress regularly and each Friday I will have a whole project update.

Thanks for calling in today.