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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Sock Update

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing my latest sock knitting project today. My last post about these socks (Om Shanti by Alice Yu) mentioned I was looking forward to the heel, well - I've done the heel and it's just as good as the toe. I'm thrilled with the technique of knitting these socks. The short wrapped rows give a seamless shaped toe and heel and very neatly sit with the pattern of the sock.


Sadly, I've run out of yarn for the sock and have the leg to finish. I've only knitted five rows of the leg so am just starting. This yarn had been destined for a plain striped sock so had others colours in my plan. However, once I'd started the green colour, I felt the pattern needed this single colour yarn to really show the contrasting stitch patterns. The yarn is Socks Yeah! by Coop Knits in the Perditot colour way. Another skein has been ordered so it should be here any day (managed to get the same batch too). This particular skein of yarn has already knitted another striped pair of socks for my husband, so was well used before I started these socks. I'm quite surprised how little yarn Ive used.
Once I learned the main stitch pattern, I could knit the six line repeat forever, it develops such a lovely rhythm to the knitting. Alice describes the stitch pattern as 'an Estonian 3-cross lace' stitch. The original pattern has quite a short leg - I'm thinking I may grow the leg a little. The bottom of the sock cuff has something called Kihnu Vits running around the sock, this is a braid using 2 strands of yarn worked with the purl stitch, carrying both strands at the front of the work. I'm not sure exactly how this will work ? but it sounds very exciting and way beyond my comfort zone ! 
I'll report on progress when my new yarn arrives.

Thanks for calling in today.