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Friday, 26 July 2013

Adventures of a POPPY

Hi everyone
It's Friday again ....... A whole week of very lazy days. The weather is fabulous again !

My plan today is 'packing' - all day ! We are off on out travels soon - but somewhere in my day, Im going to start a little project for my holiday. Im not sure exactly what it will be yet. However as I spent some time this week trying to get the garden in shape, I came across a patch which has poppies in it. While I cleared all the old poppy stuff, I was reminded of a few photos I took of the poppy blooms. I love to see them and each year they seem to get bigger and bolder. They last a very short time but somehow this makes them even more precious. This little experience prompted me to use the photos in my holiday project. Ive put a little story together with my photos and will work on some ideas.

I saw another picture (not sure where this came from so I can't give anyone in particular a credit) - which prompted me to take my photos.

This is the kind of thing I have in mind ! Isn't is great.

Have a great weekend. Not sure when I will be posting again. I hope to show some photos while on our travels.

Bye for now.