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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Foam Bead Challenge Day Two

Hi everyone
Weather is still brilliant - hot for several days now. Almost unbelievable.

Today, is birthday for my big boy - he is 14 ! can't believe that either. I know everyone says it ....... but time has just flown. I've been making art cards for family birthdays this year and have chosen this approach again.

I tend to write my message on the back and hang the card like a picture.

The second photo shows a black hanging hook (just) Ive also handmade the envelope with a copy of the image on the front. Just a cake to make now. The present pile gets smaller as they grow older but ...... costs go up (considerably) !!!!!

Other things going on today include some volunteer work at school - decorating a space for a disco. Im going to make some big flowers for hanging across the room. I first saw the idea on This site

Ive also made my necklace from the foam beads ie Day 2 (of 5) challenge

I will wear the necklace and find out how it works for me and any comments it attracts. Will report on Friday.

My next challenge will be to see if I can make some kind of altered bead by melting,cutting or both and maybe adding paint ? Ive decided just to experiment - so no plans as such.

Not much movement on The Order Project - Im hoping to spend more time Thursday and Friday on this one. Time is running out if my deadline of school holidays is to be met.

Well, that's it for now - busy day !

Bye for today.