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Monday, 1 July 2013

Craft Workshops - Northumberland.

Hi everyone
A rather changeable morning - it's been quite warm and cloudy and breezy - anything could happen ! However, Ive got loads to do so it's doesn't matter but I do like the sun to shine.

This week Im having a different approach to work - for this week Im suspending my structured days, its all out to 'break the back' of The ORDER Project. Lots of new challenges for me at the moment as well as end of term charity work to do.Ive also got another birthday for my little 'big' boy (14years) coming up. I need to plan/produce his card and gift/wrap etc. or it may/will get lost in the schedule.

Im going to concentrate on The ORDER every day and set aside a notepad for ideas and detail of yet another big project ! (Wimbledon also into second week and very exciting - so that will be on a screen throughout). Im beginning to feel stressed out before I start my week ! I do know what Im doing on The ORDER and its down to moving stuff about and Ive got it written down - in theory, it should just happen.

My new project is a programme of new crafting sessions - actual taught class events. Im going to donate funds to a scouting charity so Im working with the scouts on this one. It's going to be about introducing people to crafting techniques via mini projects - probably 2 hour sessions with little kits and a 'pretty afternoon tea' thrown in. We are trying to find a good venue - somewhere inspiring, comfortable and 'donated'. Obviously, fundraising is very important so we don't want to loose lots of profit paying for a venue. We have some initial ideas.

I will design and produce the kits for the sessions (then teach them) and Im hoping to offer them for purchase via my shop (for folk who can't make the sessions). Im also hoping to share some of the content here on the blog. Im not sure exactly how many we will run but I think the initial programme will offer three sessions with three different kits. Because we are looking at introduction type stuff the kits will be accessible for anyone already involved in 'crafty' things. My initial ideas include a Card Workshop, Tags Workshop and a Gift Pocket Workshop. I will use some of my own artwork and try as much as possible to recycle and with these three sessions aim to develop techniques for making lots of the same thing, once the skills are acquired. My thinking here is that these workshops will be great for Christmas planning. I think the workshops will begin early in September. I will publish lots of information well before and will direct potential students to read the blog for details. All my blog readers will benefit too - I will plan in some little competitions for kits etc too.

My planning needs to produce workshop notes and some good pictures of the samples - so will get to work on that today. I also need to develop the samples !!! My ORDER Project may throw up some good ideas as I sift through the rubbish !

PS - There are no photos of any 'order' so difficult to convince everyone that progress is being made, I believe Im getting there !!! I will get a photo for tomorrow - so call back and check early.

I do like to have at least one photo per blog so have decided to share these photos of some quilling. I was looking (still not found) for a card that I made several years ago with some quilled vegetables/little tools - I made a series of birthday cards from the ideas. I had thought it could be a good project for my 'soon to be workshops'. Anyway, having wasted quite a long time looking I decided to check out Pinterest instead and found this

I love this idea - simple but so pretty too ! Still on the quilling theme, I also found a great YouTube video

These chocolates are brilliant and ALL made of paper - the video is in French but its still worth watching (there are some subtitles) , my French is not brilliant but I could understand almost all of it. Take a look. The chocolates could pass for the real thing.

Must get on.

Bye for today.