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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Do you get it ?

Hi everyone
The weather is not brilliant today (again) ....... but it's warm and maybe it will improve !

I made great progress with The ORDER, yesterday. Im feeling optomistic. The room doesn't look great in the photo (I can tell that's what you will be thinking !!) however, it's almost ordered. I need to sift through every box again and I need to rebuild one of my shelving blocks. Then, its into THE CUPBOARD - this cupboard space is going to be brilliant when it's redesigned. I need to chuck everything from the cupboard and get some suitable shelving built inside the cupboard. It will be great. Im visualising again.....
I took a few photos and have dressed up this one.

I will take some more tomorrow. This stuff (in the pretty photo) will be relocated onto another wall - see the next photo (sorry my thumb has got in the way).

You can see the door of the cupboard - this is the centre of my master plan. I see the cupboard taking all the boxes which came to afternoon tea (see 19 June). Im beginning to start thinking about colour schemes !

Moving on ...........
While organising this room, Ive dreamed up a potential Fimo clay workshop. Im going to adapt a silver/Fimo project from an old jewellery magazine. It looks fantastic in silver, my plan is to use silver coloured clay. Here it is -

As you see, Ive dressed up this photo too. The photo shows a pendant, there is a ring too. Im going to experiment and practice - I will share my results. BUT........ I need to complete The ORDER first.

Ive not mentioned dolls all week so here is my 'doll' offer. I found these lovely little things on Pinterest. I must have a go - quilling again !

Another lovely image from Pinterest (both on my page).

Lovely little houses - simple but they have great 'feel' for me. The brightness of the colours, the simplicity of the houses, the natural wood literally on the beach and the sea in the background. I love all those things in 'their presentation'? The image is one of those things that have another dimension ie tapping into the 'feel/subliminal' thing. I had an amazing discussion with my little 'big' boy about this very thing yesterday. He totally gets it !

On that note - bye for today.