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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Second cup of coffee !

Hi everyone
Weather is strange at the moment - I hear about thunder storms elsewhere in the country but no evidence in my world ! It's cloudy but warm today and the sun is threatening to come out any moment.

It's also day 2 of the hols !!! Where has the weekend gone ? I don't usually blog in holidays but I thought I would give myself a new challenge and do a photo style blog - every now and then. Not sure exactly what this means (ie when or where ?) at the moment but my initial thought is that I experiment and simply shoot what I do and see. I don't have a VERY exciting life but I do generally find new things to entertain myself everyday. Some exciting news to share - I have a new phone, so may use it for the experiment (to learn how to use it properly). A new phone is always a traumatic time,I find. It's the same make as the last one but I couldn't even finish a call a few days ago ! Im learning fast - every day Im feeling more comfortable with it. I also have my trusty iPod, so will use this too. I may even venture into a video !!!

Here goes for my first photo. So far, today - Ive managed to get up and have breakfast. So here is an example of my 'photo story' for today.

Bye for today x