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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Is an 'ice' bath a good idea ?

Hi everyone
it's a lovely warm morning, there has been a little rain overnight but the sky is clear. Lets hope we have another good day.

My photo story today tells an ongoing tale ............

Ive been running for many years but have been plagued with various bouts of shingles and more significantly last year - glandular fever ! As a result, my running programme has suffered. About 18 months ago, I started using an Apple app called 5K Runner. It's a series of structured running sessions working up to 5K over 8 weeks. I would recommend this to everyone. It's been helpful in slowly developing an element of fitness while recovering from my illness. Ive had some setbacks over the last year and have needed to start again a few times but I now have one more run to get to the end of the programme. Im doing great and feel much stronger in myself. I also record my progress with a Nike running app which gives lots of stats and is a great motivator - it adds up all the runs and I love to check my pace. My aim is to get to a consistent sub 30min 5K. A little way to go but Im doing fine.

As a treat, after my last run of the 5K Runner programme, I am giving myself a new dress. It's a pretty summer dress covered in limes. I love it. Will share a photo when Im there - my last run will be Sat. am.

Todays photo was taken when I got back this morning - so HOT today while running. An image of my trusty old trainers with my ipod sum up my story today. I feel a little tired but very hot - Im considering having an ice bath. I see tennis players and athletes using this procedure and have often wondered if it would help the recovery of old prunes like me ? I don't like being cold but pain, no gain !!! Not sure at the moment. Will report on that one, later.

Bye for today.