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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Exciting FIMO news !

Hi everyone
Weather is a bit disappointing here ! The whole day lacks a little 'joy' for me when the weather is 'poor'. I need to find a positive - the weather forecast says the cloud will clear later - this will be 'my positive' !!!!!

Im still on The Order Project - not having a positive moment with this just now ! Ive got to the point where I need to prepare other spaces elsewhere in the house and almost every idea I have, has implications for additional jobs before my Order job can progress. However, when I feel like this, I go to the Studio and just sit and 'feel' the vibes in the room. Ive come so far with the project and have re thought my whole 'way of working'. It will be great - SOON.

My 'world', yesterday, was very busy with things outside the house and I feel as if Im slightly disorientated. End of school term is looming too and lots of events are taking place (usually requiring some kind of preparation or organisation). I think this changes my ability to knuckle down to tasks in the house. I know I run out of time - lots.

I need to finish my family birthday art card and extra bits and pieces for the birthday (next week). This must be a priority for me - today. I know from experience, if I leave this kind of job, time will run out and I will need to compromise on the design and production - never a good thing ! These cards are very important to me and the family and seem to be on display in the kids rooms (all the time). I love to see this, the kids decide on their own display stuff and all their cards are up and used as decorative pictures. So, no pressure there !!!!

Exciting news too ........... my little photo offer today is an idea for a class. Im going to adapt the idea and use polymer clay - probably Fimo.

This particular item is a pendant and uses silver clay. I want to try and develop a cheaper version (silver clay is very expensive) for beginners. Im going to practice the techniques and will share my results. I will test out the class with a few volunteers before launching to a wider audience. This is a 'longer term' project but I will do quite a few versions before offering the class/ kit. I love the idea and am quite excited about trying it out with Fimo. I also want to make a ring version - probably first. I have good vibes about this and know it will turn out well, maybe not at first - but eventually !

On that note - must get on.

Bye for today