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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Beach Bracelets

Hi everyone
Yet another wonderful sunny, hot day. I love the early mornings when the weather is good - it feels like being on an exotic holiday (for a very short time - until the kids arrive for breakfast).

Today, Im still working on The Order Project - not sure how I will cope when it done ? I will try !!! I must also get rid of the clutter around the whole house and do some cleaning - an hour at least.

I managed a few beading ideas with the sponge beads yesterday. Here is a couple of bracelets made by kids at the weekend fair and a regular multi coloured bracelet that I did yesterday I placed a small navy bead between the sponge beads as a spacer on my design.

This bracelet is a chunky wearable item and would be OK with a plain outfit or a beach occasion. Im calling the bracelet THE BEACH BRACELET (just so I can reference it).

My mini project offer today for the sponge beads (there will be one everyday this week) will be a necklace. Ive one of two ideas but I do want it to be OK to wear. To test out the necklace I will wear it for a day - so the 'pressures' is on. I will review my day and try and get a few opinions. I like the idea of reviewing all the daily projects this week re the sponge beads.

Must go and get on.

Bye for today.