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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Grey or turquoise or both ?

Hi everyone
Another fantastic day today - sun is bright and it's very warm.

My mini project this week is in line with The ORDER Project - its to plan a book of sample shapes (including die cuts). I need to organise the storage for all the cutting stuff (generally) not just dies but all of the punches etc. The book will provide a reference for all the 'cuts' I can produce and hopefully give me a central bank to research from. I see the book as a kind of scrapbook and think I will use the scrapbook construction idea for adding pages etc. I will make the book with posts etc and decorate (as if it was a scrapbook) I like the idea of making something like this a beautiful thing. It's an opportunity to turn the item into a piece of ART. I also like the idea of a 12x12 size and I have quite a few 12x12 pieces of cardstock - ideal !

Yesterday, was a bit of a wasted day re The ORDER Project. I spent most of the day rushing around and ended up doing very little. I have a few gift boxes to make and decorate and there is still the birthday card etc to complete - I had hoped this would happen yesterday !! I did manage a little research on colour schemes and came up with two main ideas. The one in the lead at the moment is grey,lime and white. The second choice is a turquoise range with whites - not sure ? - I need another day to decide. I want to add splashes of vibrant colours which will change but getting the base colours right is key for me. Whatever happens in the studio - I want to reproduce in bits of the house where I will work - so, this makes the choice a bit more tricky (whatever, will need to fit with these bits of the house). Still, life is full of challenges !
Here are a few images of stuff which will inspire the studio.

I like the worn turquoise idea - the distressed thing is good and the range of colours appeals too.

I love the simplicity of the grey room - not a practical look for the studio but Im looking for elements of the 'feel'. Will work on that one !

The last photo is a selection of rooms which appeal, again it's the 'feel' rather than an actual copy of the rooms. I have what I have in terms of size and windows - most of these spaces are large and lots of windows - the logical answer is a house move - not going to happen ! However, Im optimistic I can get a tiny bit of the elements into my space. Im going to plan a mood board around the research and eventually turn it into (not sure how exactly yet) the cover for my 'book of cuts' - will come up with a name for the book today.

Must get to it.

Bye for today.