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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Strawberries Forever !

Hi everyone
Not sure how today will turn out re the weather. We have had heavy showers and very hot sun and now it's a bit cloudy (but lots of blue sky).

My photo story today is all about my little vegetable garden. The overnight rain was very welcome ! I don't have much time for gardening but I love my herbs, strawberry and veg patch. This year the strawberries have been wonderful - such a treat to go out every day and pick fresh strawberries.

My veg. garden is tiny and quite limited but we do use everything I grow. Im building up a bigger selection of herbs to plant throughout the rest of the garden. My aim is to make it all a pretty 'edible' garden. You can just see a couple of lavender plants - Ive grown these on from cuttings and they are so pretty as well as smelling wonderful.

Bye for today.